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Edu Plus offers the individual 1:1 sessions based in Wisbech (PE13)

Our believes

We believe that every young person is like a flower seed. Each is unique and blossom in different way and time. 

We believe that each person needs different approach, understanding the ways they learn, techniques and time spent on revisions. 

Regardless of your specific situation or background, we customise a maths tutoring programme specific to you or your child to develop confidence in and outside the classroom. 

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Examples of help we offer:

  • Structured intervention - students' knowledge and skills is tested prior so the teacher can support them with an individual teaching plan. 

  • Revision for tests - preparation for GCSE exams (mainly yr10 & 11), or SAT's (yr 5 & 6)

  • "Keep up" help: replenishing knowledge and extending it in parallel with the course of education at school (KS 2, 3 & 4)

Click here to read our testimonials

Lesson Plans

During each lesson, tutor address misconceptions, close knowledge gaps and help build confidence in Mathematics.

All printed materials, stationary, writing, isometric or transparent paper will be provided to the child free of charge.

Edu Plus can lend you revision text and exercise books, educational games and mathematical equipment such as maths set or scientific calculator. 

Cost of the sessions:

KS 2 - starts from £25 per hour

(£35 /1.5h, £45 /2h - if in one session)

KS 3 - starts from £30 per hour 

(£45 /1.5h, £55 /2h - if in one session)

KS 4 - starts from £35 per hour 

(£50 /1.5h, £60 /2h - if in one session)

Functional Skills / Re-sits - starts from £35 

(£50 /1.5h, £60 /2h - if in one session)


All payments must be made by the beginning of the lesson. 
Payment can be made in cash, PayPal or bank transfer. 

Tutor will not accept any payment from the minor. 
Cash payment must be handed by adult.


Deposit of 1 session is required.

Deposit will be used to cover full or partial cost of missing lesson. 

If not used, deposit will be counted towards cover the cost of the last agreed session.

Edu Plus can deviate from this rule only under exceptional conditions.

Unarranged Absences (such as sickness)

  • min 12 hours notice -  no fee and/or rearranged session

  • less than 12 hours notice given - fees to be charged (50% of the session)


Arranged Absences (such as holiday)

  • min 7 days notice -  no fee and/or rearranged session

  • less than 7 days notice - fees to be charged (40% of the session)

  • less than 12 hours notice given - fees to be charged (50% of the session)


Tutor holidays and bank holidays

  • No planned session over holidays, unless otherwise agreed. 


Tutor sickness

  • No fee and/or rearranged session



Discounts are set individually. The family discount applies to all family members, not necessarily attending the same classes.

Each agreement with the parents is determined on a top-down basis, however Edu Plus reserve the right to change them.

We approach each child and their situation individually.

Keeping your child safe:

We believe everyone has a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young people, to keep them safe and to practise in a way that protects them.


We will give equal priority to keeping all children and young people safe regardless of their age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation.


All sessions will be recorded, and stored for 6 months, for safeguarding and educational purposes.

No pictures of child will be shared without parent consent.


Tutor's teacher qualification number, current Enhanced DBS Check, and Public liability Insurance Certificate are available on request.


If you have any concerns about your child’s safety, please let your teacher know immediately. You can also contact  the NSPCC Helpline and Childline if you need child protection support and advice.

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